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Solapur District Lawn Tennis Association
History & Establishment
  • Mr.Bhagwat was started this association in 1985
  • TSince 1998 Mr. Rajesh Damani is President for this association
Current Activities
  • Regularly Mr. Damani sponsoring State, National & International Tennis tournament in Solapur
  • To promote the game of tennis in Solapur district
Future Planning
  • To conduct International Tennis Tournament in 2015

Donation of Staircases at Shri Tulja-Bhavani Temple(Tuljapur)
History & Establishment
  • Tuljapur is well-known for Hindu temple of Goddess Bhavani.
  • Lord Tuljabhavani is Femous and family Deity (Kul-daivat) of people over all India.
  • Goddess Bhavani is also described as the impressive and formidable Goddess in Hindu Puranas, who is known to combat demons and evil forces and maintain the moral order and righteousness in the universe.
  • Damani family has donated the staircases of the temple for worshippers and pilgrims.
  • This helps the pilgrims to reach the main temple for Darshan.